A Little Roadtrip to Orlando, FL // USA

For those who don’t know, I have recently relocated to Northern Florida for a short time, and the plus side of that is it’s puts me a lot closer to my Floridian friends and family then I have been in a while! So, the previous weekend I got up early in the morning to make the 4~5 hour drive south to visit one of my old childhood friends who lives in Orlando.

Did I mention this was only my third time ever driving on a highway? And my first time driving on a highway alone? And I had never done highway driving for more than 1.5 hours before. But, it was all fine! Now I am an old pro.

I woke up to a misty foggy morning. Nice for pictures but inconvenient for driving visibility.


The route I took was basically, I-10, to 1-75, to the Florida Turnpike, and then 417 into Orlando. The FL Turnpike and 417 are toll routes though so if I were to do this again I would definitely try to avoid that. I probably spent over 20 dollars on tolls for the whole trip, although part of that was because I went the wrong direction for a while….that’s a story for another time…


After arriving, my friend and I picked up some bubble tea from Chewy Boba Company and then headed over to our favorite Korean market, Woo Sung Oriental Food Market, to get some ingredients for the kimbap and kimchi stew we planned to make for lunch and dinner.

IMG_6331 (1)



Then… we proceeded to play video games (and then I took a nap) and then we played more games…

Day two consisted of more eating and video gaming, but also a trip to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice! I tried a few different samples and went with the special, the pumpkin pie flavor.  It honestly tasted exactly like frozen pumpkin pie…




My mom drove into Orlando to meet us for dinner, and then we all went back to Chewy Boba for another round of bubble tea. We all got matching orders of green tea.


And unfortunately day three was my last day and I had to leave early to make it back in time for work in the afternoon. It was a short vacation so I didn’t take pictures of much, but it was a nice little trip!


IMG_4775 (1)IMG_4806


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